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Pay-Per-Click Maverick
Pay-Per-Click Maverick is your flight plan to soaring success selling and delivering a highly-profitable service. We've teamed up with one of the top Google ads experts in the country, to break down everything there is to know about this service in easily digestible chunks. Plus we're revealing several new client-getting strategies to show you how to start getting results FAST.

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Secret Traffic Code
Tap into an exclusive customer acquisition strategy that leaves prospects no choice but to say YES. The NEW Secret Traffic Code: the Strategy that literally puts you in the top 1% of all marketing services providers! Secret Traffic Code is a complete, step-by-step video training course along with an incredibly powerful proprietary software to help deliver results to clients faster and easier than you've ever imagined!
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Retail Price: $297 (Save 84%)
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Home Services Jackpot
Home Services Jackpot shows you how to make $500-$1500 per client providing high-quality optimized pre-built websites. You'll learn everything from where to find the best prospects, how to close the deal, how to scale by getting others to do the work for you, and more. Also included are three completely done-for-you websites for Electricians, Carpet Cleaners, and Plumbers.

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Retail Price: $297 (Save 84%)
Just $47
Classic Courses & Software
12 of our bestselling products at DEEP DISCOUNTS for you Sharks this Black Friday
Authority Accelerator
Copy and paste our 3 Automated Offer Engines and watch your close rates skyrocket! A free offer to attract a ton of leads and prospects, a one-time offer to quickly convert them into customers and fast cash, and finally a residual offer to get money coming in on autopilot. Includes 100% automated software to immediately start selling and delivering a proven offer!
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Retail Price: $297 (Save 84%)
Just $47
QuickStart Agency
Land your first or next client this weekend! Inside QuickStart Agency: Client in a Weekend, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to hours of video training that compresses, condenses and efficiently presents the entire, systemized, step-by-step system to developing a hugely profitable Digital Marketing Agency.

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Retail Price: $297 (Save 84%)
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Yellow Brick Road
Fill your calendar with top quality appointments by having others do all the work! Yellow Brick Road shows you how to setup your 24/7 cash machine dedidcated to ONE thing: bringing you a flood of quality appointments non-stop! Follow our step by step process to see how to outsource 85% of the work to well selected, well-trained, highly motivated, highly skilled freelancers.
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Retail Price: $297 (Save 84%)
Just $47
Digital Profit Machine
During the pandemic (and beyond)... Most consultants are selling… the WRONG SERVICES! Digital Profit Machine teaches you our complete method for finding these people, making contact with them, turning them into paying clients, and repairing their reputation. Plus you get our custom software to make the whole process easy as cake!
Retail Price: $197 (Save 66%)
Just $67
Remote Client System
A brand new system that helps you capture the attention and marketing dollars of local businesses using a secret database--a database overflowing with red hot, qualified prospects, cash in hand! 31 videos, 5 handouts, plus 5 special bonuses.

Retail Price: $97 (Save 62%)
Just $37
Site Speed Profits
One of the cleverest and most efficient ways to land new clients. Quickly and easily find slow local websites, create customized speed reports, and send them to the business owners, all within a few clicks. 18 training videos, 3 handouts, custom software, 2 bonuses.

Retail Price: $297 (Save 67%)
Just $97
Social Sumo
Sell local business owners what they want and know they need. A complete course on social media management, including how to discuss with clients, pricing & packages, prospecting, delivering the service. 32 videos, 16 handouts, custom theme (dev. license).
Retail Price: $197 (Save 66%)
Just $67
SSL Sniper
Currently one of the fastest ways to land new clients. Get your foot-in-the-door with local businesses by identifying websites that don't have SSL, and then contacting them right from the software. 16 training videos, 2 handouts, custom software, 1 bonus.
Retail Price: $197 (Save 66%)
Just $67
Real Estate Profit Pro
Learn the secrets Realtors don't  want you to know, because it makes selling them easy as child's play. A devastatingly powerful software technique to land Realtor clients like clockwork. 31 videos, 3 handouts, custom theme (dev. license), 1 bonus.
Retail Price: $197 (Save 66%)
Just $67
Local Fee Finder
Not a super salesperson? No need to be with Local Fee Finder! Easily qualify your prospects, get critical info, and land more quality clients by putting your intake forms on autopilot. Plus complete "Pricing Magic" course. 26 videos, custom software, 2 bonuses.
Retail Price: $197 (Save 66%)
Just $67
Email Prospecting Blitz
Learn our highly-effective system for cold email prospecting, that out-performs conventional 'Old School' mass email marketing every time. Includes word-for-word email prospecting scripts. 20 training videos, 4 handouts, 3 special bonuses.
Retail Price: $97 (Save 62%)
Just $37
FITD Formula
Instead of the same services as everyone else, you'll discover how to quickly generate unique "foot-in-the-door" services that set you apart from the crowd and easily attract the attention of your ideal clients. 15 training videos, 3 handouts, 2 bonuses.
Retail Price: $97 (Save 62%)
Just $37
Private Membership
Save on our premium agency course, and for a LIMITED TIME, get access to our private monthly membership
Shark Alliance Plus With Path To Six Figures
Are you ready to finally turn all your hard work into the income you deserve?  Follow our proven Path To Six Figures, the flagship course in our private monthly membership, Shark Alliance Elite. Get the training, the leads, and the clients you MUST have to build a successful digital agency in 2022 and beyond. Includes complete Path To Six Figures step-by-step action course, exclusive training & resources, behind-the-scenes footage, the Alliance archives, and weekly live coaching calls.
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Includes 3 Exclusive Private Trainings (BONUS!)
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Breakthrough Advertising PLUS Bundle
Don’t just read Breakthrough Advertising. Master it! 

Order the Breakthrough Advertising Bundle and walk away with three bonsues that are only available to Sharks. You cannot get these bonuses anywhere else. Inside the bundle you get:
  • A hardcover copy of Breakthrough Advertising shipped directly to your door. Nothing has been changed inside the chapters from the original 1966 release.
  • ​Breakthrough Advertising Mastery - the companion guide. How to implement the timeless brilliance of Eugene Schwartz so you are never forgotten.
  • Easy to use “How To” exercises for each chapter that teach you how to implement what you learn and build your Marketing Muscle Memory
  • ​​Custom worksheets you’ll use again and again for all your current and future promotions
  • ​Neatly summarized chapters so you can quickly get the main concepts. Great for fast references or a quick refresher
  • Private library of training videos showing how the exercises and worksheets are used in real life along with access to new trainings and materials for life
  • ​A one of a kind swipe file. Every ad mentioned in Breakthrough Advertising in full color and with easy to find page references to Breakthrough Advertising so you can see what Gene saw when he included them in the book.
AND…how could we forget?
  • A one of a kind swipe file. Every ad mentioned in Breakthrough Advertising in full color and with easy to find page references to Breakthrough Advertising so you can see what Gene saw when he included them in the book.
Plus you get THREE additional bonuses that are only available to Sharks!...
Finding & Channeling Mass Desire by Chris Mason
Chris Mason is the coauthor of Breakthrough Advertising Mastery along with Direct Marketing legend Brian Kurtz. Chris and creator of the Breakthrough Advertising Bootcamps. 

Breakthrough Advertising is the book that any direct marketer worth their salt must read, study and implement. The problem is it's a dense read. To solve this, Chris created a two week bootcamp that teaches the core concepts of the book in easy to understand trainings. 

The first two training sessions are about finding the Mass Desire in your market and then channeling that desire onto your product. These two presentations are foundational to understanding what makes Breakthrough Advertising so special. 

Warning: You might find yourself signing up for one of his upcoming bootcamps after listening to these training sessions.
How to Write Killer Copy Fast by Jack Turk
For years Jack Turk was the "voice of Dan Kennedy" when Dan was running GKIC. Jack wrote articles, sales letters and more for Dan. During that time, Jack developed his own system for writing direct response copy fast. 

During this presentation, Jack breaks down his system so that anyone can follow it. 

If you've ever found yourself staring at a blank screen not knowing what to write, Jack's presentation is for you!
Email Marketing State of the Union by Ben Settle
Ben Settle delivers one of the most straightforward, to the point, fluff free presentations on the current state of email marketing and where we are headed. 

Email isn't dead but that won't keep the big tech bros from trying to mess up a good thing. Email is ready for a disruption and you do not want to be caught by surprise. 

Listen in as Ben "emails his list everyday" Settle shares what he's seeing heading down the pike. 
Don't Overpay —
Claim Your Bundle!
Includes 3 Exclusive Private Trainings (BONUS!)
Just $199
Stock Up On The BEST Stock Photos!
Whether you're building websites, helping clients with social media, email, etc... at some point you're going to need stock photos.

Don't make the same mistake we did: Thinking you can just grab something off Google... and then getting slapped by Getty with cease and desists.

Keep things on the up-and-up with legitimate, licensed stock photos of the HIGHEST quality, straight from Deposit Photos.

And while that legitimacy and quality usually comes with quite a high price tag, this AppSumo deal is a FRICKIN' BARGAIN! We stock up everytime it comes around.
Retail Price: $500.00 (Save 92%)
Just $39
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