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Coupon Cash System Unleashed

The EXACT System That Tom Used To Generate $7,000 In Sales And 16 New Clients In 7 Days!
This simple jumbo Co-op mailer will start or jump-start any local business into a self-funding machine and help you rake in multiple clients quickly!

We’re also including an absurd amount of DFY material and gives you EVERYTHING you need to get started and making money right away.

Whether you are just starting out or you're established and already working with local businesses, ANYONE can do this...

You can take this system and run it as a standalone full-time business where this is all you do.

Or, you can use this as an additional service to sell so you never leave a local business empty handed ever again.
Here's What You'll Get:
  • Complete Video Training Course With Walkthroughs Of Entire Process
  • ​Completed Card Example (PSD Format)
  • ​DFY Template To Make Design A Breeze
  • ​Easy "Show & Sell" Prospecting Script
  • ​Prospect ROI Worksheet
  • ​Glossary of Printing Terms
  • ​Ad Design Checklist, Ad Space Mockup Template (PDF), Ad Pricing Worksheet, & Ad Pricing Quick Start Guide
Plus... Bonuses!
  • BONUS: Best Offers for Every Industry ebook
  • BONUS: ​Prospect ROI Worksheet Video Walkthrough
  • BONUS: ​Done-For-You Contract
  • ​​BONUS: 2 DFY Full Color Prospecting Flyers
Advanced Only:
  • ​ADVANCED ONLY: 12 Sample Cards Mailed Directly To You ($97 Value)
  • ADVANCED ONLY: 12 DFY Ad Templates (These make creating ads a breeze. Simply swap in your clients info.) Plus Intake Forms to make sure you get all the info needed included. PLUS Layouts for 14 and 16 Space Cards ($500 Value)
  • ​ADVANCED ONLY: DFY Phone Script, 5 Professionally-Written Sales Letters, Unbranded Sales Video ($499 Value)
  • ADVANCED ONLY: Ad for Hiring Sales Rep, Independent Sales Rep Contract
  • ​BONUS: ADVANCED ONLY: 6 Bonus Trainings! 1. Sponsored Mailing Strategy, 2. More Profits with Print Brokering, 3. Hiring a Designer Through Upwork, 4. 10 Ways to Get Coupons Noticed, 5. Hot Seat with Cameron R., 6. Getting the Most for Clients Through Small Ads ($699 Value)
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