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7-Day Indirect Sell Nurture Sequence

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Get all of the assets we've had professionally created for our own use. Instead of spending thousands or months of your own time creating and refining your own checklists, scripts, and procedures... just use ours!


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Get all your questions answered each month on our live Q&A coaching calls. We'll also be sharing new strategies and techniques and are available to personally review your site and offer suggestions.


4-Part Behind-the-Scenes Training with 2 Top AGM Users

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Our Team Sets Up Your First Influencer Site

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Get your first Influencer site setup up by our team completely for free! Let us take the task off your hands and get you setup within 48 hours.


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Multiply your Influence with UNLIMITED business listings, PLUS a Developers License to install our custom theme and plugin on as many websites as you want.

What Do Our Students Say?

Raven G.

"Also because of you helping us to get pricing issue taken care of that I landed my 1st premium directory client $597 sale. So thanks for all your help Nick and Tom... you ROCK!"

Ron C.

"I called a prospect last week to verify their listing. They bought a website and Facebook/SEO package yesterday for 14 locations. 

He brought it up. I never even mentioned it!"

Ed D.

"These Offline Sharks are the real deal. Their systems work... PERIOD. I have purchased several of their products and I have never been disappointed by the clear explanations and the workability of their systems."

Shannon P.

"You guys are the only digital marketers that I trust. My main reason why is because I've made some great money from your products and all your courses are legit. I can tell you guys genuinely care about your products and you want to see people who invest in your products succeed and make money."

Mark M.

"These guys actually under-promise and over-deliver, charge fair and reasonable prices for their programs, are responsive to support requests and questions, are engaged in their Facebook groups, and are actually growing their own businesses and taking their own advice. 

Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte are as real as it gets, and I recommend them and their programs without reservation."

Joanne S.

"Offline Sharks provide great easy to understand marketing courses and suggestions for all those starting out in local area marketing with foot in the door services and upsells! Have completed quite a few of their courses that have enriched my daily business activities. AND a great support page if you are looking for a little help!"

Frequently Asked Questions
Will there be a lot of competition?
Some, of course, but you'd expect that with any media advertising. What we've found is our "Consultative Approach" appeals more to businesses than the typical 'sales guys' who just hammer business owners.
Do Tom and Nick personally do the training?
Yes. This training was produced from what we use in our everyday businesses.
What's unique about this?
You're presenting a unique advertising media that fills a gap and stands out from the crowd.... and businesses immediately 'get' why this can work for them.
Does my consultant advertsing business need to be licensed?
Generally no, in most areas. A few places may require a business license, for a nominal fee.
Will I need a large budget?
No, though even a small budget can speed things up. This way of reaching out is more about using your own time and effort.
Does this work outside the U.S.?
Yes! We have students using this in various countries across the world. If the businesses in your area are listed on Google, this will work for you.
What are my chances of success if I can only work the system part-time?
Actually very good, it just may take a little longer.
A significant percent of our students in past training courses could only start part-time. The key here, as you might guess, is "time management." Even with just Saturdays free, you can get your Local Influencer site up and running.
Will the client business have confidence in me?
They will because you will follow our simple process.
Of course your own confidence will grow with each client you land.
Will I need employees?
NO (unless YOU want them)! If you choose to use virtual assistants that's fine... all creative and production work is usually outsourced, of course.
Are there any upsells to this offer?
No, not to this specific training. As a member, you may be offered other offline training courses usually at a discount.
If I invest in this will I have to abandon the other marketing training and client outreach I'm doing?  
All our training and software platforms are built to compliment each other. Your #1 goal is to get and retain local clients. The more you add to your client base the more services you'll be able to offer them. Knowing more and having more tools is NEVER a disadvantage.
How do I access my bonuses and how do I get support if I need it?
You'll find all the bonuses in your member's area and a special support/help desk at your disposal.
If it's so good, why don't you charge more?
Simple... We actually make most of our earnings from our local clients, not from our products and you! We enjoy helping local consultant marketers. This has become a passion of ours. And hey, there's plenty of business to go around!
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